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Brow Lamination 

A "perm" for brows, as it givens them a set, lifted, and uniform shape for up to 6 weeks. Great for thick brows!


Brow Tint

Semi-Permanent dye applied to natural browns to enhance, shape, and define the brow. Last up to 3-6 weeks.


Brow/Lash Lamination and Tint Combo

Get the natural glam look with this brow and lash lamination, life, and tint to enhance your natural features. Last up to 3-6 weeks.


Lash Lift/ Lash Tint

Natural lashes get a semi=permanent lift and curl without the damage sometimes caused by lash extensions. Results last up 4-6 weeks.


Add a Semi Permanent dye is applied to you natural lashes to give a darker and fuller appearance to you lash line. Last up to 3-6 weeks.